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Liquori e Birra

Our Brief Italian Wine Guide

Map of Italy | Our wines from this region



CALABRIA - forms the toe of the Italian peninsula’s boot, running northwest from the Gulf of Taranto. Its capital is Catanzaro and its largest city is Reggio di Calabria.

Like many of the southern regions Calabria has constantly been invaded. Its proximity to Greece, Africa and Eastern empires and its 2 coastlines have made it easily accessible.


The region has remote mountains and stunning coastlines with excellent local food, especially with the spicy Calabrian peppers.


CLIMATE: Calabria is a region of contrast, from the cool Sila and Aspromonte massifs to the warmer hills of the coast there are significant variations in temperature and weather conditions, creating many different microclimates for wine production.

The region’s versatility is demonstrated by Calabria’s 9 DOC and 10 IGT appellations.









Since 1845 the Ippolito family have been growing wine in the hills above Ciro, at the Mancuso estate.

 Gaglioppo is not a widely known variety, but when made to its highest levels can be a very complex and satisfying wine.

 This is why we bring in only the Riservas which are big in structure & rich in flavour..

 The wines production is focused on local varieties, and the Riservas are long lasting.




Map of Italy | Our wines from this region

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