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Liquori e Birra

Our Brief Italian Wine Guide

Italy is famous for some very unique distillates & licquors, and a small number of beer suppliers.


In many Italian restaurants it is customary to give away a glass of grappa or limoncello (lemon licquor) after the meal, although the quality can vary enormously! In parts of Italy you may also be offered Mandorle licquor - a licquor made from almonds - highly recommended.

We are pleased to offer you one of the oldest distilleries and premier names in Distillates & Licquors in Italy - Bepi Tosolini.






Founded in the aftermath of WWII, this (CiVidina) is one of Italy's most prestigious distilleries. CiVidina is owned and operated by the Tosolini family, currently in its third generation. In many other distilleries of Italy, grappa is an afterthought. It is distilled after the wine is made or the distilleries buy grape skins from other wineries. But the Tosolini are artisans of Grappa. They use only the skins of whole grapes and produce Grappa during harvest season to ensure the freshest, most premium produ ct . It takes 1 ton of grape skins to produce but 9 liters of CiVidinia Grappa. The special secret flavours of Bepi Tosolini distilled spirits will never be revealed to anyone outside of the members of this family, which has passed down the art of fine distilled spirits from one generation to the next. Today the art lives on through the entire family, from Giovanni, who now heads the company, to his grandchildren Giuseppe, Bruno and Lisa, all of whom have become fully involved in the company’s sales, marketing and production activities. They maintain the traditional timing and rules required for refining and aging these distillates in order to preserve the aromas and flavours as a symbol of continuity and respect for this local tradition. Preserving the ancient knowledge that their grandfather Bepi acquired from the master distillers of the territory of Friuli, refining it over time through the continued search for product quality and purity…Tosolini quality is now famous and highly awarded.







Birra Majolini: Artisanal beer from Lombardia.

See Majolini in the Lombardia Regional Page. 


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