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Our Brief Italian Wine Guide

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Lombardia sits in the North of Italy between Piemonte & Veneto. It stretches from the plains up through the mountains to the border of Switzerland and includes stunning vistas of lakes, pastures & mountains.
Lombardia is where much of the Italian risotto rice is produced, and of course famous for the violins of Cremona.

Milan is by far the largest city and a useful landing point for tours around Northern Italy.

One of the most famous types of wine produced here is Franciacorta (the region) - a champagne method wine that often rivals the quality & taste of Champagne. Franciacorta, like champagne, is made from either chardonnay, pinot noir or both. The styles Brut & Extra Brut are similar to French styles - but look out for 'Franciacorta Saten' a refreshing softer style that is more approachable, less dry & compliments food perfectly.

The Rose- (Rosato) is sensational!
Being in the North of Italy this is also probably the main region for Pinot Noir.

In the far North area of Lombardia, in the valley of Valtellina, there are interesting reds from the Nebbiolo grape which are different to the Piemonte nebbiolo wines. If you like powerful red wines - look out for Sforzato!





MAJOLINI is in Orme, one of the oldest and smallest villages in the West of Lombardias Franciacorta region.

The family has been a prominent member of this community for over 500 years and has established a position as a reliable quality producer of Franciacorta.

The wines are properly aged and developed, and now the Estate is producing a superb Artisanal beer, both blonde and Red.

Simone Majolini the family member in charge of this family business is a real character and absolutely passionate about the Estate products, and also art, which is clearly visible from the art works in the Estate and winery that you will see if you visit.

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