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Our Brief Italian Wine Guide

Map of Italy | Our wines from this region 

Puglia map


PUGLIA -   Is a large and fertile region of Italy between the Ionian sea and the Adriatic sea. The region has a long history of invasion by Greeks, Albanians, Egyptians, Germans and others.

It is one of the hidden picturesque places of Italy with beautiful sea coves, good beaches, hidden grottos (underground caves) and many ancient architectural towers, monuments and manor houses.

The 'centro storico' (old city) centres in the hilltop villages of Ostuni, Cisternino, Locorotondo & Alberobello are great to take an after dinner stroll around, as many of the locals do. 

The cone shaped rooves of the 'Trulli', the old farm workers houses, are mainly found in the valley D'Itri.  


This maritime influence creates perfect growing conditions for vine, olive trees, artichokes and many other agro-items.

The main grape varieties are red- Primitivo & Negroamaro. These 2 wines are perfect with tomato based sauces and grilled meat. They can be big and powerful and if made to age, can last about 5 years . A few examples longer up to 7 years for only the best made wines.

There are many wine growing areas but the areas of Manduria/ Salento are usually the best in quality.

Although the local fare is predominantly seafood, the young lamb grown here are wonderfully sweet.

With a visit to Puglia,  a meal in a local 'Macelleria' (a butcher shop restaurant), is a must. All the meat is cooked fresh in an Al Forno oven, usually with olive wood as the source of the heat. The local red wines are served in a litre carafe.




Since 1870 and over four generations the family have toiled and grown this famous winery using grapes grown in local vineyards. Carefully chosen and worked, and then aged in barrels and bottles in

Apollonio cellar

the fresh air of a winery in Monteroni. Apollonio’s story is long and intense. Today Marcello (commercial) and Massimiliano (the winemaker) are the 2 brothers that run the winery. 


The wines are made in three levels from basic to the high end. The APOLLONIO brand is used only for the high end wines (the only ones we import) and these are only produced in the good years.


Unlike most wineries in this region, the wines are held back and not released until Massimiliano thinks they are ready. Therefore the wines are often older than other wines from the region.


The wine making facility is very old and the large concrete vats from many years ago are still there. Now there is a project to make these into a walk through museum of the winery.







CANTINE SAN DONACI - is in the village of San Donaci and is a co-operative of many smaller growers.

San Donaci stands apart from other Cantine in that they understand each growers strengths and manage the quality levels to make sure that the products are produced to the highest possible quality standards.

The usual local grapes are produced and also some exceptional premium level blended wines.

The Primitivo di Manduria is a genuine reflection of this, the highest qualification for the best Primitivo.

Map of Italy | Our wines from this region 

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