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Our Brief Italian Wine Guide

Map of Italy | Our wines from this region


TRENTINO - ALTO ADIGE -  As the name suggests, the Trentino–Alto Adige is comprised of two separate areas. Trento refers to the southern part of the region and its capital is Trentino (the ancient Roman Tridentum). The name Alto Adige identifies the northern territory of the region that includes the higher (alto) part of the Adige River.

The region's traditional festivals reflect the rich ethnic mixture that characterize Trentino - Alto Adige. Some traditions call on German roots, while others have strong Venetian or Lombardian influence. In addition, there are still isolated communities high on the Alps, such as Luserna or the Mocheni Valley, that trace their roots back to medieval times and maintain their own unique historic traditions.

Pane e vino fanno un bel bambino or 'bread and wine make a beautiful baby'. This saying tells a lot about the importance and consideration given to wine in this Alpine region.

One main distinction between Trentino and Alto Adige production is the fact that in the northern area the wines are produced mostly by small family-owned and managed wineries that sell their product locally with limited exports to Germany and Austria. Trentino on the other hand counts on a large number of growers who joined into large cooperatives, such as Ca'vit and Mezzacorona, which produce wines that have consistent taste and characteristics year after year. These popular wines have found their niche, both in Italy and abroad, among wine drinkers who look for reasonably good and affordable wines for daily enjoyment.


The region is particularly famous for White wines- Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Blanc and Gewurtztraminer; and the main red wines Pinot Nero (Pinot Noir) and Lagrein.


St. Michele estate


ST. MICHELE - APPIANO (In Italian) is a beautiful winery and castle set in the mountains of Alto Adige. St. Michael Eppan, the innovative Winery situated along the Wine Route, is considered one of the best wineries in South Tyrol and Italy. St. Michael Eppan Winery, with its 355 members, 350 hectares of vineyard and 2.5 million bottles sold every year, has become renowned worldwide. The 'Sanct Valentin“ label alone is enough to thrill wine lovers and connoisseurs.

Among all the awards won by the Winery, it is important to remember that “I Vini d’Italia„ , the Gambero Rosso & Slow Food wine guide, chose St. Michael Eppan as the best 'Italian winery of the year 2000“. It also named Master winemaker Hans Terzer, famous oenologist and absolute forerunner as regards South Tyrolean white wines, one of the best ten Master winemakers in the world.



Map of Italy | Our wines from this region

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