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Our Brief Italian Wine Guide

Map of Italy | Our wines from this region

VENETO is the richest province in Italy I am told by Italians. The wine production in the region is phenomenal- but beware (see below). The region produces many wines that are famous (and sometimes infamous for the cheap jug versions). Many of the famous wine regions here have smaller 'classico' zones that guarantee better quality wines- example: Soave Classico, Valpollicella Classico, Amarone (di Valpollicella) Classico, Bardolino Classico etc. It is often worth the extra money for a classico wine! The area between Lake Garda and Verona is probably the largest wine producing area.

AMARONES can be made in a variety of styles from dry to sweetish. Few people like the really dry and we bring in a range of styles that are suitable for food and are made to typical high quality standards. See tasting notes for details. Recioto (di Valpollicella or Amarone) is the dessert wine that, depending on the year is a chocolate or blue cheese match.


Beware !  In Veneto some large wine companies produce wines from any region of Italy (which is legal within limitations).Indeed there are several famous 'names' that are commonly seen in Singapore that in fact do not grow their own grapes at all. ( We maintain that these wines, blended from grapes from all over the wine region, lose the unique attributes of a single vineyard (terroir) often identified in estate produced wines.)

Some of these 'vinicolas'- are little more than bottling plants and some even resemble refineries they are so big. As an example, Zonin (20m bottles)- Sartori (15m bottles) - MASI (4m bottles)- Montresor, Santi (2m bottles) Santa Sofia(550k bottles) and others buy in grapes or juice, dress the bottle with a nice label and sell the wine. Some of them are not even in the Valpollicella region!

You would think therefore they would be cheaper since these wines are produced in bulk, but no!

Some of them are perhaps reasonable or even good wines, but it somehow seems 'cheating' to hide what is going on. We would like this type of production printed on the label so that customers can make an informed choice.

There are many better quality estate produced wines, not marketed so aggressively, that are available at similar or less cost. (A useful number is the 6,000 bottles per hectare average for quality wines). Even Sicilian, Tuscan and Puglian wines end up in bottles from these companies in Veneto. It is a little 'sneaky!'. If its in duty free, it's likely to be a 'commercially' produced wine!



Bussola Azienda



Considered by Parker & others to be the leading newcomer that breaks tradition in order to make stunningly rich wines. Tommaso is absolutely passionate about his wines (his favourite is Recioto) and with his wife Daniela they consistently produce award winning wines from rediculously low yields, yet at realistic prices.The wines are limited in quantity. Currently rated No.3 in the Amarone world.

The astonishing Vigneto Alto 2004 is rated 96-100 points by Parker.  His Recioto is considered the world’s best & consistently achieves 97-98 points. The Recioto TB 2004 is 14 kilos of grapes in one 500 ml bottle! The Ripasso is a steal!

Only 75,000 bottles all wines produced in total. Extraordinary balance and structure!

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                         Rizzardi Villa








Guerrieri Rizzardi.

Since the 1600's the vineyards have been farmed from when the 2 families of Count Guerrieri & Count Rizzardi united to form the company. With estates in the four classico areas - Bardolino, Negrar (for Valpollicella & Amarone) , Valdadige & Costeggiola (Soave). Each estate producing Classico wines for those regions. The vineyards, now totalling 100 hectares,  have a long track record in awards & a reputation for top class wines.

The Ripasso and Amarones are extremeely well balanced and are fine wines, with long finishes. The Gold medal single vineyard Merlot is very fine and unique, and the Soave is sensational. The Prosecco is one of the best we have ever tasted -and- at an unbelievable price. 

In 2010 Contessa Rizzardi was appointed a Cavaliere del Lavoro – the first woman to hold one of Italy's highest honours which places her among other great wine stars such as Piero Antinori, Vittorio Frescobaldi, Giuseppe Gioia and Diego Planeta. Guerrieri Rizzardi are champions of the region’s historical grape varieties and produce an elegant range of wines which reflect the relationship between the land, their heritage and tradition. The family have just undergobe a major investment program building a new winery in Bardolino and making many changes in the vineyards towards environmental conservation- all steps to continue in the progress of quality for the future.

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  In 2014 - the Guerrieri Rizzardi Amarone CALCAROLE DOP 2009 was awarded the 'Top Red Wine of Italy ' accolade by Gambero Rosso.

This is the first time an Amarone hads been awarded the top wine of Italy. 





Map of Italy | Our wines from this region

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