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Liquori e Birra

Our Brief Italian Wine Guide

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Basilicata is in the deep south of Italy, the 'sole of the foot' between Puglia and Calabria. From much of the region the skyline is dominated by the extinct volcano Monte Vulture. It is on the slopes of this huge mountain, where the volcanic rich soil gives rise to stunning wines made from the Aglianico grape variety.

Aglianico can be dry and at times austere, but it is also one of the most interesting varieties. The wines can be powerful yet elegant with long finishes and make an excellent match with food.

The quiet villages on the slopes of Monte Vulture offer some of the best dining experiences - good food at very reasonable prices and of course accompanied by the local Aglianicos.



Cantine del Notaio is one of the most famous names in wine making, Gerardo Giuratrabocchetti makes stunning Aglianico wines at this unusual Azienda, where wine names are associated with the legal profession.

The wine making process is organic and the consistent quality of the wines is demonstrated by the endless awards. One of Parkers favourites.-

The wines are grown on the slopes of Mount Vulture. And this is the origin of the three natural factors determining the constitution and ripening of these grapes.

  • Firstly, the volcanic soil is fertile and rich in particular mineral elements.
  • Then the tufo rock layers, deep down, act as water reservoirs during the drier periods of the year: what the local peasants call “milking the tufo”.
  • Thirdly there is the unique micro-climate.

The bunches of fruit are carefully selected and knowledgeably handled; they will yield a strong wine with a notable personality, precious ruby red color and complex aromas.

For this reason, our Winery has paid especial attention to its choice of vineyards.
Our 26 hectares, (approx. 62 acres) are distributed amongst the most characteristic and renowned hillsides in the Mount Vulture area, (the villages of Rionero, Barile, Ripacandida, Maschito e Ginestra),

and possess vines more than a hundred years old.

The wines are named after legal terms as follows -

* La Firma - the signature at the end of a notarial contract -   * Il Repertorio - a repertory or archive of notarial contracts
* Il Sigillo - the seal at the end of a notarial contract           -   * Il Rogito - the deed of a notarial contract
* La Stipula - a stipulation of a notarial contract                  -   * L’Autentica - the authentication of a notarial contract

* IL Preliminare - the first draft contract                              -    * La Raccolta - the collection

* L'Atto - the deed




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