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Our Brief Italian Wine Guide

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CAMPANIA is South of Rome and the region surrounding Naples, but stretching back over the mountains. More often than not it is famous for a number of white wines and predominantly one red. There are other lesser known varieties that produce average to good wines, but some are best drunk on vacation!

The volcanic soil and higher elevation vineyards produce excellent wines.
Greco di Tufo and Fiano Di Avellino are the 2 most famous white wines.

The 2 major brands (Mastroberadino/ Feudi San Gregorio) have gone the way of many famous vineyards through family feuds resulting in questionable quality and prices today. Fortunately their are several other wineries making great quality examples at better value.

Sannio is a secondary area which also has produces some good wines.

Falanghina is a newer (re-discovery of an old grape) variety that makes fresh, scented and floral wines if made well.

Aglianico (also going under the name of Taurasi if it qualifies for this docg) is the well known red rape variety from this region. It can be found under other regional names such as Irpinia  

Aglianico can be big and tannic and quite dry. (Aglianico del Vulture is from Basilicata).
There are several 'vacation' white wines in this region that rarely travel well- don't bring too many home!







Macchialupa logo MACCHIALUPA was founded in 2001 by a winemaker and an agronomist who had passion for Fiano di Avellino, Aglianico of Taurasi and the Greco di Tufo.

They have not been lured by the temptation of commercialism to over produce their wines, resulting in a strong reputation for 'typicity' for their grape varieties.

In the River Sabato Valley, with the typical hilly with wide valleys and high ridges macchialupa is at an altitude of about 450 meters above sea level, perfect terroir for these varieties.


 These are top quality wines with strong typical variety characteristics from dedicated producers. 65,000 bottles produced. 





Map of Italy | Our wines from this region

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