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Our Brief Italian Wine Guide

Map of Italy | Our wines from this region 


PIEMONTE has certainly been blessed with its share of wines that have become famous, and in some cases sort after. Barbaresco & Barolo (both the Nebbiolo grape) are wines that can command significant high prices depending on the producers and years.

The other main grape varieties from this region are- Barbera, Dolcetto, Brachetto, Cortese (Gavi), Moscato, Arneis and the Sauvignon Blanc in Piemonte is top class.

For red wine varieties, Piemonte wines are mostly dry to very dry. In Piemonte money buys you quality. Alas there are many producers selling average wines playing on the Piemonte name and quality to sell their wine.

Some general guidelines are -

Gavi should always be Gavi di Gavi to ensure quality, i.e. grown within the commune of Gavi-

Dolcetto is best from Alba

Barbera has 3 styles from Asti, Alba & Monferrato- low cost Barbera is usually poor quality. This variety needs high quality production and time-and this costs money.

The Nebbiolo grape in Barolo and Barbaresco is also very good when called Gattinara, Nebbiolo from Roero or Nebbiolo from Langhe

Moscato is sweet but the best can be elegant and are superb dessert or poolside (with biscuits) wines.

Brachetto D'Aqui is a red dessert wine that is excellent with cakes or biscuits and some chocolate desserts.

Barolo Chinato is the rare dessert Barolo that matches ALL chocolate or chocolate desserts- it has a slightly herbal nose and taste depending on the label. 
Beware when buying Barbaresco & Barolo, make sure it is from a reputable label and from a house specialising in this area- some vineyards buy the juice (less cost),  and bottle it as their own (the most famous culprit being Gagliardi). We do not supply any of this type of wine.





Traditional methods are meticulously overseen by the family in this small but important family business, holding famous cru's in the top village of La Morra.

Barolos from La Morra are the most elegant and also most approachable.

Matteo & Martina are the next generation already heavily involved in the production of wines that are faithful to the area and their varieties.

Solid Barolos from the three Crus and a very approachable and typical entry level Barolo are the backbone of a small but stylish portfolio from the region.

With only 70,000 bottle production from just 12 hectares, it is obvious that this estate is all about quality.









La Scolca clear logo  La Scolca estate



LA SCOLCA- is one of the most famous names in Italian wines and has consistently maintained the reputation for the highest quality Gavi wines.

When Giorgio Soldati established the winery in Rovereto, Gavi, 1919 he started the revolution at the tiny town of Gavi in creating this famous wine from the Cortese grape. Today La Scolca still maintains its position as the leading Gavi producer with some 50 hectares of vineyards and some of the oldest vines.
Chosen by many of the glitterati for famous occasions - from Gavi dei Gavi (TM) and across the range the standard of quality is always at the highest level. 

Many of the glitterati in Hollywood choose La Scolca for their famous occasions- example Tom Cruise for his wedding.








    Prinsi estate


Prinsi is one of the smaller stars of the region. With only 12 hectares for all their wines Prinsi make limited production, but very high quality wines with strong & identifiable characteristics- almost all their wines are single vineyard. Their Gambero Rosso awards and wine spectator ratings list read more like a book than a list. The Sauvignon Blanc is sensational & is best decanted to reveal the complexity in the wine!  The Dolcetto is excellent.

If you dine at Ceretto's 2 Michelin star restaurant in Alba, there are only 2 estates on the wine list - Ceretto & Prinsi!








bussia vineyard





An old farm formerly owned by the famous Luigi Arnulfo, a pioneer in Barolo.

Since 1874 at the Bertoroni farmhouse, in the Costa di Bussia region, in Monforte d’Alba district.

This estate included already the famous fields of “Campo dei Buoi” and “Campo del gatto”.

Today they are precious cru, the heart of the Costa di Bussia vineyards: 15 hectares vineyards that offer particular and complex wines.







Giorgio Schon and his wine maker Valter share a passion for finely produced wines. Hence most of the wines are a limited & numbered production & will reward decanting with beautiful balanced full flavours. The wines are recognised by Gambero Rosso as high quality, interesting & approachable Monferrato Barberas. The white wines are rare & sensational! Their complexity and staying power provide an astonishing experience.

A testament to the richness of this land is that the Alessandria Wine College grows its vines (about 30 varieties) on Colle Manora. 70,000 bottles produced.

The MIMOSA Sauvignon Blanc (old vine) is one of our most popular wines and will reward decanting with astonishing complexity of flavours.

The 100% Chardonnay Spumante is one of our biggest selling wines.

Watch out for the new variety ALBAROSSA - 'RAY'-,  Colle Manora is one of only 4-5 estates making this rare red variety.

And yes, that is a Ferrari on the wall of the wine cellar!

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Map of Italy | Our wines from this region 

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