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Our Brief Italian Wine Guide

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Sardegna  is a large  island to the West of Italy.  A pearl in the Mediterranean, long uninhabited, despite its ancient geological origin, Sardinia has preserved its own freshness, capturing the hearts of visitors and long term residents alike. The geographical position, the heart of the western Mediterranean, has attracted over the centuries: the Phoenicians followed by Carthaginians, the Romans afterwards, the Byzantines, the Spanish and the Piemontese.

Divided, by referendum, into eight provinces, the lay-out of Sardinia is further characterised by specific territorial characteristics that form dense microcosms of both environmental and cultural wealth. The island in fact keeps its vital subdivision alive, set up in medieval times, by the four judicial entities - Cagliari, Torres, Arborea and Gallura. The pulsating heart of the island includes territories rich in tradition and exceptional natural landscape such as Barbagia, Baronie, Gennargentu, Supramonte, Mandrolisai, Barigadu, Sarcidano and Goceano. Travelling around the island it is possible to come across little known areas, rich in charm and identity- the thousand faces of Sardinia.


The sun shines in Sardinia for the whole year. A sun that matures the plants, and the numerous qualities of grapes that make up the luxuriant long rows of grapevines. From the south to the north, including the coasts and the lagoon areas of the centre, the whole regional territory is used for the cultivation of grapes and therefore the production of good wines.

It is most famous for Cannoneau (the Italian name for Grenache) and Vermentino, a white wine grape making chracterful white wine. Today there are other very interesting local grape varieties being made into award winning wines.




sedilesu Giuseppe Sedilesu is in Mamoiada, a small Sardinian village situated in the heart of the Barbagia, most of all known for the traditional Mamuthones masks, which represent a significant cultural heritage.

 For many years the family produced Cannonau only for local consumption. The result is that these wines are the most true & typical Cannonau wines, with astonishing structure and powerful Cannonau flavours. 

 They are frankly a world apart from other producers. 


The white wine made from Granazza is again a totally unique wine.

 Powerful beyond any other white wine-it is an experince to be on any bucket list !! 









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