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Wine Types Red White Rose Sparkling
Wine Names Amarone Brunello Barolo Chianti

Liquori e Birra

Our Brief Italian Wine Guide

Terms and Conditions

  1. Delivery : To ensure your wine is received for the weekend, all delivery orders should be made by Wednesday 8pm. Otherwise we will do our best to deliver within 48 hours from the order date. Any Orders received on Friday and Saturday will be delivered at the earliest Tuesday (due to Bond opening hours) of the following week.
  2. Private members receive 10% discount on posted wine prices provided that a minimum order of 6 bottles is placed. This does not apply to spirits or beer.
  3. Returns: Corked bottles must be returned with cork- contact us immediately.
  4. All pictures are reproduced here by us with the permission of the owners and must not be reproduced without our permission.
  5. All content with regard to Vintages, wine classifications are our own work and as such copyrighted. These must not be reproduced or copied without our written permission.
  6. All Regional overviews are our own work and must not be reproduced or copied. without our written permission.
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